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Awesome ScreenFlow Sales Video!

One of the coolest things about making online training courses is when your members go through the material, get inspired and take action!

ScreenFlow Hero Anthony Tran did just that. He used the script template I provide inside ScreenFlow Hero PLUS the look and feel of my sales video when he made his own.

Anthony’s video uses all the potential of ScreenFlow to cut live footage, screen capture, manipulate images and text.

That was my exact intention when I was dreaming up ScreenFlow Hero. That I would give folks a big short cut to look over my shoulder and create a high converting sales video in my style which they might struggle to do on their own.

It’s fun to compare his video to my original here at ScreenFlow Hero.

A Video can be made in an infinite number of styles but having a guide can be a big help!

When I was working in TV as a Director, each series would have a style. You can see how a Reality Series has a consistent style, a visual look, a type of music. All the talking heads are shot in the same way with a consistent background. One Director would define the style and tweak and test so the other Directors that followed had a guideline. It was a big time saver and once the style proved to be a winning one with the audience, then the focus was to make the content better and better.

But back to Anthony. He wrote me:

Hi Jules,
I just wanted to write you a personal email to thank you so much for the valuable training you provided with Screenflow Hero.

Your training was action packed with resources and helpful tutorials. Through your editing training and sales video script resources I was able to write and edit my own sales video.

I am truly grateful and have received raving videos of the video editing quality.

This is why I love making Online Info Products! I sit and create training on my iMac in London and someone in another continent gets a result!

In my forthcoming ‘Info Video Hero’ (Read my letter about it here) I will cover How to Make and Sell a Hit course and inject some of the ‘Video Hero’ style!

I recommend if you are Mac based to go through ScreenFlow Hero in advance, if you haven’t already.

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Hi, I'm Jules. I am a former MTV and BBC TV Producer/Director turned Videopreneur, Internet and Video Marketer!


  • Anthony Tran

    Reply Reply April 16, 2014

    Hi Jules, I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing training with Screenflow Hero. I was a Screenflow newbie when I first started but after taking your course I feel confident that I can make engaging, dynamic videos for my audience. Very grateful and wish you much success! – Anthony

  • Judy Jackson

    Reply Reply April 16, 2014


    Thanks for sharing Jules

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