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Bentley Ad Filmed on an iPhone 5s – woot!

Ever since I launched my iPhone Video Hero training a while back ..  the Biz world has gone iPhone CRAZY. Shooting Pro-quality Videos on an iPhone is all the rage, but remember where it all started 🙂

On that note, check out this latest awesome Bentley ad filmed entirely on an iPhone 5s and edited in the back of the car with an iPad Air and iMovie! There is a glimpse of the way it is produced at the end.

Inspired? You can borrow the style, Black and White (use you Edit software to turn it into B+W), artistic angles, out of focus arty shots, driving, interviews, POV’s (point of view shots)

You are probably not making a Car Ad, but here are some ideas for Videos you could make:

  • About me video: Who are you, what do you do, what inspires you?
  • Event Video: On the way to an event .. What is the event, what are you looking forward to, why are you going?
  • Journey: What's been your personal business journey, or struggle and how have you overcome it?
  • Vlog tip: Do a set of videos as you travel. Each with a nugget of learning. Include B-roll to spice it up.

If you are making this on your own or with a friend then no need to shoot the car shots on the same day if you prefer. Film your interviews to camera (take care you don’t crash) and then get the B Roll another day (the drive by shots, car shots etc) then edit it all together.

Remember there is only ONE iPhone Video Hero!

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Hi, I'm Jules. I am a former MTV and BBC TV Producer/Director turned Videopreneur, Internet and Video Marketer!


  • Cool tool, Look at you! The best in class!
    See you soon

  • Brian Adgey

    Reply Reply December 13, 2014

    Amazing what can be done with an iPhone and simple editing software.
    Great vid, thanks Jules.

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