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DSLR Video Hero incoming!

I held back on this for a while whilst creating ScreenFlow Hero, Info Video Hero and my Video Hero VIPs membership site but it’s a GO!

I am currently prepping for DSLR Video Hero – my next Info Product. I am also writing a handy and hopefully inspirational report to kick it off.

Sorry about the primitive Opt-In page (I will be changing that)  but you can get on the Early Bird list here and get the report when I release it.

UPDATE: it’s released. Get it here.

So how come I am making a DSLR course having created a huge hit course at iPhone Video Hero and inspiring a few copycats :) ?

Well the fact is that Video standards are going UP along with the quality of Web design, landing pages, sales pages and the like. I notice more and more marketers are going for a Hollywood style ‘Film look’ with their Videos.

But it isn’t really either or, iPhone is great for many, may uses, especially if portability and speed of use is key. Many Entrepreneurs I know use both tools depending on what type of content they are making.

However it can’t be denied using a DSLR will, in many situations, give you a quality bump that can WOW your prospects.

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When I was working as a Self-shooting TV Director for MTV and the BBC the cameras myself and the crew used were huge and back breaking! But the quality was amazing. In part the quality sold the show to the audience. Well now for a fraction of the price Entrepreneurs like you can get the same benefits of quality. Cameras I previously used were in the $20 – 40k range (!), nowadays you can pick up a suitable DSLR for around $600, add a few extras and it shoots Higher quality than the TV camera I used just a few years ago!

So please grab my FREE Report where I’ll go into this deeper.


  • Swati

    Reply Reply June 7, 2014

    Hi Jules,

    Thanks for making DSLR videohero !

    I am eagerly waiting for this product of yours.



  • Brian

    Reply Reply June 11, 2014

    Good idea! Recently bought a 70D and could do with the extra tips


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